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Ruut24 OÜ paper house plan and new house plan

Ruut24 OÜ changes old plans to new ones

Ruut24 OÜ deals with the digitization of this historical heritage, so that the old paper plans become modern digital files.

Our recent project involved a task entrusted to us by a client - the digitization of a paper house floor plan. This task was not only an honor for us, but also a confirmation of the importance of our skills.

old paper house plan
old paper house plan

Task: Accurate Redraw

The client's needs were clear: a digital version of the plan was needed that was accurate to the original but flexible enough to allow for modern changes.

Our Approach: Precisely and Professionally

The process started with the digital conversion of the given floor plan. Each room, from the spacious 27.4m² living room to the cozy 10.4m² kitchen, was redrawn carefully and in detail in the AutoCAD program. The finesse of our work was not only in maintaining scale and proportion, but also in being able to give the digital copy the potential for new life.

Precision and Technology: Our Tools

Using the latest technology and AutoCAD software, a digital version of the plan was created. The accuracy of our work lies in maintaining the proportions and scale to ensure the plan is faithful to the original. Now the plan is no longer just a static part of history; it's a dynamic canvas ready for renovation, remodeling or even rebuilding.

The result: a new and accurate house plan in AutoCAD

As a result of our work, the client now has a digital floor plan that carries the legacy of the original design into the future. It is a tool for the architect, designer and homeowner, providing a foundation on which to build new ideas. With this digitized version, the client can change, add to and share the plan with clarity and ease that paper could never provide.

new and accurate house plan
new and accurate house plan


Why choose Ruut24?

Ruut24 stands for innovation and quality, bringing your valuable drawings into the digital age. Our experienced team ensures that every detail is taken into account, providing you with not just a service, but a complete solution.

The future is digital

Do you have old drawings that need to be digitized? We digitize all kinds of drawings: electrical diagrams, floor plans, views, sections, etc.

Ruut24 is here to help. Our dedication to quality and detail means your project is always in the best hands.

Digitization of drawings of a private house
Digitization of drawings of a private house

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