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Ruut24 will provide you with a digital floor plan quickly and affordably

"One floor plan says more than 1000 words."


Our story

Ruut24 specializes in digitizing real estate plans, drawing digital floor plans based on sketches, old drawings or PDF files.

We digitize all kinds of drawings , including electrical diagrams, views, sections, floor plans, etc.

Our vision

The vision of Ruut24 OÜ is to become an internationally recognized company in the field of digitalization of real estate floor plans and drawings by 2025.


In our work, we use various professional drawing programs according to the specifics and wishes of the client, including, for example , AutoCAD.


Who are our main customers?

Rental property owners or managers need floor plans

Real estate sellers and brokers

When selling an apartment, house or terraced house, the next important step after high-quality pictures is to show the floor plan of the house to the interested party. Many consecutive pictures of the residence without a floor plan of the living space cause confusion in the interested party, because they often do not understand how the rooms are located in relation to each other. Property planning after sales photos significantly increases the likelihood of a sale.

Rental property owners or managers

When looking for a tenant in his property, the interested party wants to get a clearly readable and simple floor plan to get a better overview of the rooms. As a rental property owner or manager, acquiring a floor plan is a one-time expense, but the floor plan can be used every time you find a new tenant. Also, if you ever want to sell a property, having a plan also gives you a big advantage over others who don't have a plan.

Real estate sellers and brokers need floor plans
Construction companies design

A construction company, a design company or an owner of an apartment building planning renovations

Sometimes there is only a drawing on paper or a diagram or sketch made by hand, but to make price inquiries or to calculate the quantities of building materials, you need an AutoCAD drawing from which you can get all the necessary dimensions and the area of the premises. We digitize all kinds of drawings, including electrical diagrams, views, sections, floor plans, etc.

Kuidas edasi

Ordering is very easy



Measure the rooms of your apartment or house and add the location of the furniture that you want to highlight on the plan. Dimensions and details can be drawn in freeform, for example, on paper or an existing plan. We also draw a new plan based on the existing old PDF drawing .


Send us a drawing

Send us a drawing of the house (i.e. a free-form sketch) with the dimensions of the walls and the necessary additional information . Pictures of the real situation in the rooms are also useful, so that the necessary details and interior elements can be seen.


Get a digital plan

We will quickly and professionally make a suitable plan for you, with the help of which you can easily give an overview of room sizes, door openings, locations of beds and windows, etc.

Digitization of Ruut24 drawings
Mõõtmise juhend

Measurement guide

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7 easy steps to sketch a layout

"80% of the participants answered that the property plan is essential or useful for the advertisement, and only 6% of the participants answered that the property plan is not important for the advertisement."

Property Academystudy

There are different options for ordering a floor plan drawing

A guide from you - a drawing from us

AutoCAD drawing based on paper drawing

Floor plans of larger apartment buildings

Some examples of completed works

More information about the finished floor plans can be found on our blog

Modern Work Desk

To order a floor plan drawing, fill out the form below with additional information.


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If you are not satisfied with the result, we will not charge you for the work!

We will make changes until you are perfectly happy with the plan!


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers regarding Ruut24 services


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