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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I order a plan, in which file format do I get it?

We will send the completed work to your email in JPG image format. If you need a floor plan in a different format, you can inform us about it in the additional information box. It is also possible to order an AutoCAD work file in DWG format.

What if I am not satisfied with the result and my expectations were different?

To get the best result, it is important to make a legible sketch with all dimensions so that we can make a correct floor plan the first time. The more dimensions and details on the floor plan, the better. Nevertheless, we always make changes until you are completely satisfied with the result. If, even after making changes, the plan does not meet your expectations, we do not charge any fee for the work - so ordering is completely risk-free for you!

What is the price of the plan?

The pricing calculator is located on the home page below– by entering the area of the property (m2), the calculator displays the price based on the size of the given plan. Before placing an order, you can also ask about the offer via email 

How to place an order?

Orders can be made by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and filling them out Order form. Orders can also be made manually by e-mail, by writing to in free form which plan you want.

What information is expected in the additional information box?

In the additional information box, any information that can be useful to make exactly the kind of floor plan you need is welcome. For example: a link to the ad with pictures, details of which furniture you want to highlight on the layout, special requests regarding the text (layout, room names, text locations, property address), marked north direction. The additional information box can also remain empty - in this case, we will make the plan based on our own recommendations, and we can make changes later.

How long does it take to draw a plan?

The floor plan can be received within a maximum of 3 working days. However, this time is generally faster.

I have never made a plan sketch on paper before, how do I do this?

For this purpose, we have prepared a recommended tutorial on how to make a floor plan sketch in the easiest and most logical way. This guide can be found on the homepage Measurement guide of the subgroup. For the fastest measurement, we recommend using a laser distance meter instead of a tape measure.

Does Ruut24 also carry out real estate measurements on site?

Generally not, but within Estonia we have sometimes done it as an additional service at the customer's request. A price inquiry can be sent for this 

Is it possible to agree on a special price for a regular customer?

Yes, if there are more than 10 orders, you can ask for a personal offer.

Who is the floor plan for, why do I need it?

Adding a floor plan to sales or rental ads gives an advantage to those who don't have one - with it, the interested party can understand exactly what kind of real estate it is with one visual view. Also, a plan with the right dimensions is helpful in the interior design of the property. 

Is it possible for me to change or upgrade the floor plan sometime later, for example after 1 month?

We always keep the files of the estate planning work for this purpose, if it is necessary to make changes in the future. To make such changes, request a personal offer by email 

Image by Diana Polekhina

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