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Ruut24 real estate measurement guide -
7 simple steps

How to make a sketch of a property plan?

Before you start, make sure you have:
pencil, measuring tape or laser distance meter, squared paper.
You can also use white paper, but it is easier to mark on squared paper - for example, you can use approximately 1 square=1 step or
2 squares=1 step. The sketch does not have to be perfect, measurements, details and legible handwriting are more important.

1 / Start with the outer walls

Always start with the outer walls: in the case of a private house, go outside and walk around the house from the outside.
Start from the bottom side of the paper, but also leave a margin for the protruding parts. In the case of an apartment, also draw the outer walls first

Start measuring from the outer walls
2 / Windows and exterior doors

Mark the locations of windows and exterior doors on the exterior walls of the house, you don't need to measure yet

3 / Interior walls and doors

Next, mark the locations of interior walls and doors on the sketch

Floor plan - interior walls and interior doors
4 / Measurement

Now that the walls, windows and doors have been marked on the sketch, you need to start measuring.
It is easiest to do this with a laser range finder, but a regular tape measure is also suitable. Rule of thumb: the more measurements the better

Floor plan - measure all walls and locations of doors and windows
5 / Details

Draw on the sketch the various details that you want to highlight and measure them (kitchen surface, sink, stove, refrigerator, wardrobes, beds, etc.)

Floor plan - mark all the details you want to show on the sketch
6 / Label

In clear handwriting, mark everything you want on the layout: e.g. room names and other necessary things. In the case of several floors, be sure to mark which floor it is

Floor plan - write text on the drawing, i.e. names of rooms and details
7 / Save and send

Scan the plan or take a picture of it and send it via the order form on

Floor plan - drawing based on sketch. Digitization of drawings

Price calculation and placing an order

Image by Diana Polekhina

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