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Digitizing and updating the floor plan on paper

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

A broker from a large brokerage company contacted Ruut24 with the desire to digitize floor plans for an apartment sale advertisement. The broker did have drawings on paper, but there was too much information, and the furniture was actually in a new location. Adding such a drawing on paper to an ad is not very professional and therefore is often not done at all. As a solution, Ruut24 quickly and at a reasonable price converts the floor plan into an up-to-date floor plan to be used in the advertisement.

Existing outdated floor plan drawing

The broker sent us pictures of the floor plans taken by phone and specified the special wishes of the final result. In addition, we received pictures of the property, which are a great help when marking the furniture on the drawing.

The result is a floor plan in different versions

We prepared a new floor plan, which includes a total of 2 floors and furniture. At the broker's request, we delivered these drawings to him in as many as 13 different files: including JPG image files, PNG image files, PDF versions and AutoCAD DWG work file. All this both with the dimensions of the walls and without the dimensions of the walls, so that they can be used as needed. Sometimes it is better to upload only the floor plan of the floor area without the wall lengths - this makes the floor plan more readable for the interested party. Sometimes, again, a plan with the length of the walls is needed - that's why we are flexible and make the result according to the customer's wishes. The AutoCAD DWG work file is highly recommended when ordering, because based on it, additions to the floor plan can be made in the future either by Ruut24 or even by a third party.


Expert in real estate floor plans

We turn a real estate floor plan made on paper or by hand into a digital AutoCAD drawing that can be effectively used in a sales advertisement or when planning renovations.

Drawing the floor plan
Drawing the floor plan


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