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Shed project

Shed project - Customer's request and unique solution

We are happy to share with you a recent project where Ruut24 was contacted by a customer who wanted to build a unique shed. We were approached by a customer who wanted drawings for the construction of a shed. For initial information, the client had given the following request:

I would like to build a shed and I would also like a plan for it. I attached the initial drawing I made to the letter.

  • Concrete floor

  • Wooden frame, uninsulated

  • The stage would be on the second floor

  • Dimensions 8x4m, but can also be changed, depending on it, there is a lot of height left on the stage (on the second floor) (perhaps extend the shorter side to 4.5m and the height also 4.5m).

  • I would like a height of 1.9m at the ridge on the second floor

  • The height on the first floor could be 2.2m

  • Roof slope no more than 45 degrees

  • Roof with eaves

Sketch made by the client for the shed project:

Shed project
Shed project

Analysis of customer request

We carefully analyzed the client's request, where he wanted a concrete floor, a wooden frame, uninsulated rooms and a stage on the second floor. The desired dimensions were 8x4m, but we discussed the possibility of changing the dimensions according to the height of the stage.

Creation of floor plan, views and 3D drawing

Shed project: aust created the floor plan, views and 3D drawing of the project, taking into account the client's special requests regarding the shed drawings. The concrete floor, the wooden frame, the stage on the second floor - all these elements were carefully planned. Listening carefully to the client, we made some changes to the original design to fully meet his wishes, especially in terms of dimensions and heights. For example, the final result of the shed drawings was to make the roof slope 35 degrees.

Unique Shed Drawings, Custom Shed Project:

Shed project
Shed project

Shed project: summary

If you also want a similar shed project yourself or need other drawings, please contact us and we will make a suitable project for you. Visit our homepage for more interesting projects and don't be afraid to ask questions or share your thoughts!

Ruut24 is an expert in real estate floor plans. We draw the floor plan of the property according to the sketch provided by the client or the existing drawing and descriptions. We digitize drawings, including we also make views, sections and 3D drawings.

Expert in real estate floor plans
Expert in real estate floor plans

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