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Apartment plan

Ruut24 team can turn simple paper drawings into unique sales-ready for real estate plans. Enter the magical world of a customer order with me!

Step 1: First contact and acceptance of sketch

It all starts when the customer sends us a sketch of their handmade floor plan. It can be a simple pencil drawing or a quick collection of notes that express his unique vision of the future home or property for sale. We are always open to different ideas and styles!

Sketch of the apartment plan
Sketch of the apartment plan

Step 2: Specifying details on the apartment plan

Our professional team will contact the customer to clarify all the important details. All wishes and demands are important to us, so that the end result exactly meets the customer's expectations.

Step 3: Digitizing the apartment plan

Now our team starts working using state-of-the-art technology and software. A sketch made by hand gradually turns into a professional floor plan, where every detail is precisely in place. Our goal is not only to preserve the essence of the original sketch, but also to bring in our expert touch that makes the property visually captivating.

Step 4: Feedback and Adjustment

Our customers' opinion is valuable to us, so we send them a preliminary floor plan preview. This is the moment where the customer can provide feedback and make small adjustments if desired. We are committed to ensuring that every customer's dreams are fully realized.

Step 5: Final approval and ready-to-use apartment plan

When all the details are in place and the customer is satisfied, the final result is a digital apartment plan. The customer can use it in sales advertisements, share it on social media or use it for personal purposes. Ruut24 always ensures that our clients get not just a real estate plan, but a real work of art!

Apartment plan
Apartment plan

Price guarantee in the apartment plan drawing

We are so confident in our ability to bring the client's vision to life that we offer a unique guarantee: if the client is not satisfied with the end result, we will not charge for the work. This is not only our promise, but also a confirmation of how much we value customer trust and want to ensure that every experience Ruut24 would be positive.

We are grateful to be a part of our clients' dreams and help them turn them into visually beautiful real estate plans.

If you want the floor plan of your property to become a real work of art, contact us and discover how Ruut24 does wonders by giving you exactly what you always wanted!


Expert in real estate floor plans
Expert in real estate floor plans

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