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Digital house drawings

Digitization of drawings

Ruut24 is a company dedicated to bringing drawings into the digital age, offering solutions that bring hand-drawn drawings on paper or in PDF format to a new dimension. Our recent project, where we converted old paper drawings into modern digital drawings, perfectly illustrates how the old can be made new, while retaining the original value and detail.

Customer needs first

We were recently contacted by a client who had a special request: he wanted to digitize the old paper drawings of his two-story private house. There were three drawings in total - basement, first floor and second floor. In addition, changes had been made to the house, which were added as notes to the drawing on paper. The client wanted to reflect these changes in a new, more accurate and aesthetically pleasing drawing.

Our solution

The Ruut24 team set to work to not only meet, but exceed the customer's expectations. We used our know-how and modern technology to convert existing paper drawings into digital format using AutoCAD software. Our goal was to create a detailed, accurate and easy-to-use digital drawing that not only reflected all existing elements and changes made, but also provided visual pleasure.

The result is new drawings of a private house

As a result, we were able to create a correct, beautiful new drawing that exceeded the client's expectations. We delivered the drawings to the client both in AutoCAD .dwg format and as PDF files to ensure their accessibility for various needs. This not only demonstrates our technical prowess, but also our commitment to meeting customer needs by providing flexible solutions.


Why choose Ruut24?

Ruut24 stands for innovation and quality, bringing your valuable drawings into the digital age. Our projects, like this recent success story, speak for themselves. Not only do we digitize old blueprints, we give them new life by making them more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Our experienced team ensures that every detail is considered, providing you with not only a service, but a complete solution.

The future is digital

Do you have old drawings that need to be digitized? We digitize all kinds of drawings: electrical diagrams, floor plans, views, sections, etc.

Ruut24 is here to help. Our dedication to quality and detail means your project is always in the best hands.

Connect the past with the future with the help of Ruut24 - your partner in the world of digital drawings.

Digitization of drawings of a private house
Digitization of drawings of a private house

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