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Digitization of drawings for renovation purposes

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Ruut24 was contacted by the owner of an apartment building planning renovation works, who wanted to receive a correct AutoCAD DWG drawing based on old paper archive drawings. With the help of such a drawing, it is possible to measure different lengths yourself, and the area of the rooms is also indicated, which can be used to calculate the necessary materials. Such a drawing is definitely indispensable when doing renovation work.

Old drawings and new vision

The client sent us archive plans of a 2-story apartment building with dimensions, and also a reconstruction project in PDF version, which does not have any dimensions. These 2 files are completely sufficient to make a new and correct AutoCAD DWG drawing, based on the dimensions of the drawing on paper and the PDF file vision of how the walls could be placed after the reconstruction.

The result is a PDF floor plan and an AutoCAD DWG drawing

As a result, we sent a PDF floor plan for normal use, and in the case of a DWG file, the customer still needs to take more precise measurements.

Digitization of the drawing
Digitization of the drawing


Expert in real estate plans and drawings

Ruut24 is an expert in real estate planning. We draw the digital plan of the property according to the sketch and descriptions given by the client.

floor plan drawing
floor plan drawing


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