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How a correct floor plan can affect the sale of real estate

A beautiful floor plan as the cornerstone of real estate sales

In the real estate market, the importance of details is undeniable. It is accuracy and visual presentation that can determine how quickly and at what price the property will find its new owner. A recent project where I worked with a leading brokerage firm to create floor plans for apartments for sale is a great example of how professionally drawn plans can make a big difference in the sales process.

More about the project

The client, a well-known brokerage company, approached us with the desire to receive high-quality floor plans that would help attract potential buyers. They presented us with a preliminary construction project, which contained the necessary information about the building and its spatial distribution. Our task was to transform this information into aesthetically pleasing and informative sales plans.

preliminary project
preliminary project

Design options

The client was very specific about his visual preferences. They chose all the colors themselves — from the colors of the background to the balcony and entrance arrow. They were also very particular about the text style, icons and compass design. This attention to detail is critical as it ensures that the finished plans accurately reflect the broker's brand image and help potential buyers better understand the layout of the spaces.

Plan functionality and added value

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the plans also contained practical information, such as the size of the apartment, the location of the rooms and general dimensions. We also added the floor plan of the entire building to the plan and specified the location of each apartment on a specific floor. This not only helps the buyer to better orient himself, but also gives a good overview of the layout of the entire building.

Why use a professional apartment plan?

While it is common for brokers to use professional photographers to showcase properties, the importance of a proper and beautiful floor plan should not be underestimated. Such plans provide visual clarity and help the buyer imagine their life in their new home. Professionally prepared plans add value to the sale announcement and help the property stand out in a competitive market.


This project clearly showed how much influence a well-made floor plan can have in the real estate sales process. Not only does this help the buyer make a more informed decision, it also increases the property's appeal, speeding up sales and possibly even increasing the final price. If you're a real estate seller or broker, be sure to consider hiring a professional draftsman to make your sales plans as compelling as your offers.


Contact us

If you are a realtor and want your real estate listings to stand out with professional and accurate floor plans, feel free to get in touch. Ruut24's high-quality plans help make your property more attractive by providing potential buyers with a clear and detailed overview of what is on offer. We are here to help you accelerate your sales and improve your sales results. We work with you to create just the kind of plans that fit your needs.

apartment plan
apartment plan


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