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How Ruut24 digitizes hand drawn sauna house floor plan sketch into accurate floor plan

How Ruut24 digitizes the manual drawings of the sauna house into a correct digital plan

Welcome to the Ruut24 blog! Our company's main goal is to help clients digitize their property plans by providing accurate and high-quality drawings, whether they are old paper sketches or PDF files. Today we are sharing with you a recent project where a client sent us hand drawn sauna house floor plan drawings, which we digitized into an accurate and professional digital plan.

Drawings and digitization of the customer's sauna house floor plan

Original material and preliminary drawing of the sauna house floor plan

The customer turned to us, wanting to receive a digital drawing of his sauna house floor plan. The initial drawing was made by hand and included the following rooms:

  • Break room

  • Steam room

  • Hallway

  • Washroom

In addition, the location of the sewerage, the stairs and the drain to the septic tank were marked in the laundry room. Our task was to digitize this data correctly, while preserving all important details and dimensions.

Digitization process

  1. Data Collection and Analysis : We started the project by carefully analyzing the handmade drawing sent by the client. We checked all dimensions and room layouts to ensure accuracy when digitizing.

  2. Drawing digitally : Using special drawing programs, we started digitizing the drawing. All rooms were drawn exactly according to the original drawing, ensuring the correctness and correctness of the scale.

  3. Marking of additional details : The positions of the sewer, trap and drain in the laundry room to the septic tank were drawn exactly according to the original manual drawing.

  4. Calculating and marking the areas of the rooms : We calculated the area of each room and marked them on the drawing so that the customer could know exactly how big the different parts of the sauna house are.

sauna house floor plan
sauna house floor plan

Final result and transmission

As a final result, the client received a correct and precisely scaled digital drawing, where all rooms, their areas and additional details such as sewerage and drainage were clearly marked. The drawing was delivered to the client in two formats:

  • PDF : A simple and universal format that can be easily viewed and shared.

  • AutoCAD DWG : A professional format that can be used in further design work and architectural applications.


The Ruut24 team is always ready to help you with all your drawing digitization needs. Whether it is a small sauna house or a larger real estate project, our goal is to provide accurate and high-quality digital plans that meet your expectations and requirements.

If you have hand drawn drawings or old paper plans that you would like to digitize, please contact us and we will find the best solution for your needs.

Thanks for reading! Follow our blog to keep up with the latest news and projects from Ruut24.

sauna house floor plan
sauna house floor plan


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