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Professional floor plan based on the client's sketch

Professional floor plan, Ruut24 OÜ's journey

If you need to conceptualize and visualize the interior design of your home, Ruut24 OÜ is your reliable partner. Our recent project is a great example of how a client's initial vision and sketches become a soulful and functional floor plan with our help.

Project: house renovation

The materials submitted by our client consisted of two different drawings: one was an old, original floor plan, and the other was a handcrafted sketch that reflected new ideas for remodeling the house. The handmade sketch clearly indicated which changes were to be implemented - removing non-load-bearing walls, closing doorways and moving the kitchen to a new location.

old original floor plan and handmade sketch
old original floor plan and handmade sketch

Ruut24 OÜ Role

Our task was to give the client's sketch a professional shape. Our experienced team used AutoCAD software to create a floor plan that not only accurately followed the client's wishes, but was also technically correct and architecturally coherent.

The result

The end result was a detailed, scaled and furnished floor plan, which was ready to hand over to the builders as well as to better visualize the property. The new plan contained correctly calculated room areas and was enriched with details that make the space truly alive.

new house floor plan
new house floor plan

Dedication and Accuracy

Ruut24 OÜ is committed to ensuring that every drawing is made with precision and dedication. Our goal is to ensure that each floor plan is not only technically perfect, but also a true reflection of the client's dreams and needs.


Contact us

Are you planning to renovate your home or need to digitize an existing drawing? Contact Ruut24 OÜ. Our professional team will help your dreams become reality.

apartment project and digitalization of drawings
apartment project and digitalization of drawings

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