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House floor plan layout

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

There is a historically valuable house for sale in Tallinn, Estonia, which was built in 1912, but it lacked an up-to-date house plan. Also, as a result of several reconstructions, there was no overview of the real situation in the building. Looking at the sales advertisement through the eyes of the buyer, it is clear that there is no overview of the object without a plan. This is especially so in a situation where there are several floors, many rooms and furnishings. Since it is also a commercial property, it is not possible to enter all the rooms at any time, so that the interested person can get to know the object. You can't understand how the rooms are located in relation to each other and what their sizes are.

The plan of the house is missing
The plan of the house is missing

Ruut24 planning expert was contacted by the broker selling this house

We were contacted by a broker who urgently wanted a house plan because a potential buyer unexpectedly asked for it. Since there weren't even preliminary floor plans, we went on site and quickly measured all the rooms and all the floors, including the furnishings. It was a big challenge, as surveying such a historically old house is not easy. Since it was not possible to enter all the rooms at the same time, I had to visit the house several times while making a sketch.

House plan sketch
House plan sketch

The result is a digital house plan, or floor plan

The result is a professional house floor plan drawing that helps the buyer get a better idea of the great house. The seller received several versions of the house plan from us: including with the dimensions of the walls and without the dimensions of the walls, so that he could use the correct version as needed..


Property Planning Expert: House Plans

Ruut24 is an expert in real estate plans - we draw house plans according to the client's sketch, if necessary, we go on site to survey. Our main customers are private individuals or brokers, owners of rental property or sellers of houses. We help them perform their work more efficiently.

Digitization of drawings
Digitization of drawings, house plans


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