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Ruut24 and client cooperation: perfect digitization of floor plans - a clean apartment plan for a new development

New development clean apartment plan

Ruut24 prides itself on its specialization in the digitization of real estate plans, offering services based on sketches, old drawings and PDF files. Our portfolio includes digital floor plans, schematics, elevations, sections and more. This time, we are again happy with the repeat order of our good client, a well-known brokerage company, who needs attractive and aesthetic apartment plans for a new development apartment building.

A customer who knows what he wants

Our client had a clear vision of what the end result should look like. From the very beginning of the collaboration, he gave us precise instructions regarding the style of text, colors and interior elements. Additionally, we added his company logo to the plans to increase visibility and create a professional impression. This was important because the plans are used for selling apartments on the client's website, where there is comprehensive information about each apartment together with the beautiful plans we created.

The floor plans of the new development provided as source information
The floor plans of the new development provided as source information

More about the project

The project included an apartment building with a basement and three additional floors. In total, we drew 21 different apartment plans and 4 floor plans. We delivered all the work in both JPG and PDF versions. The JPG version is perfect for uploading images to real estate portals, while the PDF version offers a more comprehensive and higher quality overview.

Accurate and high-quality work

Although the preliminary information about the building was comprehensive, it was still a rather colorful preliminary project. Based on this, we redrew all plans manually in AutoCAD, checking multiple times to ensure accuracy and high quality. The end result was really impressive and the client was very satisfied with our work.

New development clean apartment plan


Contact us

For Ruut24, every project is unique and we are committed to providing the best service according to the client's wishes. Our goal is to transform any sketch, old drawing or PDF file into a beautiful and functional digital plan that meets the needs and expectations of today's market.

We thank our client for their trust and repeated cooperation, and we look forward to the next challenges!

digitalization of the apartment plan of the new development
digitalization of the apartment plan of the new development


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