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Digitization of commercial building drawings, apartment building floor plan

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

The client has a commercial building and also an up-to-date DWG drawing, but now a new drawing would be needed for the initial visualization and quotation, so that if the commercial building is converted into apartments, what would be the optimal layout and furnishings of the micro-apartments.

The input is a description of the client and a simple sketch of the floor plan of the apartment building with the layout of the rooms

There was little information as input in terms of the drawing, but the client gave very clear wishes in text: how big the apartments could be, what size the kitchen, WC and other such specifics could be. Ruut24's specialists think a lot about such requests and help the customer get the desired floor plan with as little effort as possible. The existing AutoCAD DWG drawing also helped a lot, on the basis of which the necessary additions could be introduced.

The result is a drawing of the floor plan of an apartment building with micro-apartments

Ruut24 specialists made a drawing that the customer liked according to their wishes, which can be used to make the necessary price inquiries. Construction companies can use this apartment building floor plan for material calculations to quote for remodeling work.


Property planning expert: digitalization of drawings

Ruut24 is an expert in real estate planning - we draw floor plans according to the client's sketch. Our main customers are owners or sellers of rental real estate, who are private individuals or brokers. We help them perform their work more efficiently.

Digitization of drawings
Digitization of drawings


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