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How do digital floor plans make real estate sales more attractive?

Attractive digital floor plans are extremely important when advertising for sale

The experience of Ruut24 OÜ shows that one of the most important aspects of selling real estate is presenting clear and understandable information to potential buyers. Floor plans drawn by hand or on outdated paper can be confusing and hinder a buyer's ability to visually understand the space. This is where digital planning really shines.

digital floor plans of the house
digital floor plans of the house

A digitized digital floor plans provides an advantage in real estate marketing:

  1. Digitized floor plans look professional and aesthetically pleasing and make it more attractive in the market.

  2. AutoCAD and other precision software allow you to draw extremely accurate and detailed plans. It helps the buyer understand the structural aspects of the property, such as room layout, dimensions and room connections.

  3. Digitally created plans are easily adaptable to different marketing needs, be it printed brochures or online advertisements.

  4. With clear plans, it is easier to show potential buyers how the rooms are connected to each other, what the movement paths are in the house and how the furniture could be arranged.

How does Ruut24 OÜ help property owners?

Our service is not limited to residential digital floor plans. We digitize any type of drawing, from sections to wiring diagrams. The work process begins with a thorough review of the source materials, be they old paper plans, PDF documents or other files. We then use special software to create new, clean and accurate plans.

Is digitization a worthwhile investment?

Definitely. With digitized plans, property owners can increase the market value of their property and speed up the sales process, while providing buyers with high-level and clear information. The experience of Ruut24 OÜ shows that properly prepared digital plans are an investment that pays off, significantly improving the sales possibilities of real estate.


Contact Ruut24 OÜ

If your real estate needs professional digitization, the Ruut24 OÜ team is ready to help. Get in touch and we'll discuss how to better present your plans and increase the value of your property.

apartment project and digitalization of drawings
apartment project and digitalization of drawings


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