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Digitizing old drawings into a new masterpiece: Ruut24's successful experience

Digitization of old drawings

Ruut24 specializes in digitizing your old drawings, turning paper drawings, PDF files or other schematics into accurate digital drawings. We recently got a great opportunity to work on a project that clearly demonstrates the value and precision of our services.


The client approached us with an outdated paper drawing, which was detailed but out of date. Our task was to convert this plan into a clean and modern digital format using AutoCAD.

The process of digitizing drawings

  1. Initial consultation:

  • We started with an in-depth consultation with the client to understand their needs and expectations. This included a detailed discussion of the existing paper drawing and the specific requirements of the digital version.

  1. Digitizing the drawing:

  • Using our AutoCAD expertise, we carefully transferred every detail from the paper drawing. This included accurately interpreting measurements and ensuring digital dimensions.

  1. Modernization:

  • We improved the plan by adding clear room labels and specifying areas in square meters. This not only makes the plan easier to understand, but also helps with future renovations or construction.

  1. Customer feedback and changes:

  • After creating the initial digital plan, we shared it with the client for feedback. Any requested adjustments were quickly implemented, ensuring that the final plan met all of their expectations.

The result is a new and accurate drawing

The result was an excellent, accurate digital floor plan that translated the client's vision into a modern, usable format. The new plan is not only easier to read, but also provides a solid foundation for future changes or construction projects.

Digitization of old drawings
Digitization of old drawings

Why choose Ruut24?

At Ruut24, we understand the importance of accuracy and clarity in architectural plans or other drawings and diagrams. Whether you have a rough sketch, an old paper drawing or a PDF file, we can digitize your plans with unmatched accuracy.

Digitizing old drawings, our services offer numerous advantages:

  • Improved accuracy: Digital plans reduce the risk of measurement errors.

  • Modernization: Clear, labeled plans that are easy to read and use.

  • Versatility: Use your digital plans for a variety of purposes, including renovations, new builds or interior design projects.

  • Convenience: Easily share and store digital plans without the hassle of physical storage.

Digitization of drawings - summary

Digitizing old drawings into a digital masterpiece is our specialty at Ruut24. This recent project is proof of our precision and professionalism in every task. If you have old drawings or sketches that need digitizing, look no further than Ruut24. Let us help you realize your architectural visions with precision and contemporary elegance.

Contact us today to learn more about our digitization services and how we can help you with your next project!

PDF floor plan
PDF floor plan


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