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Using construction project, was made new floor plan for the purpose of sale

A blueprint for an attractive sales plan, how did we do it?

In our recent project, we tackled an interesting challenge: redesigning the preliminary design of a complex two-story house into a user-friendly and visually appealing drawing, ideal for use in sales advertisements. Our client, a professional broker, provided us with the source materials in PDF format, which included plenty of dimensions and technical details. Our goal was to create a clear and simple floor plan drawing that would help potential buyers better understand the building.


Contruction project analysis:

As a first step, we carefully examined the preliminary project documents submitted by the client. This allowed us to understand the structure of the building and identify the most important elements that should be highlighted in the floor plan.

house floor plan project
house floor plan project

Drawing in AutoCAD:

We then proceeded to use AutoCAD software to transform the complex preliminary design into clean and understandable visuals. We focused on getting the drawing to exact measurements, but simplified it significantly by omitting the wall measurements. This approach helps to avoid clutter and makes the floor plan drawing easier to read.

Highlighting important information:

We decided to highlight only the names and areas of the rooms in the floor plan. This choice was conscious - we wanted to provide enough information for those interested to understand the layout and size of the building without having to dive into too much technical detail.

Offering versatile file formats:

After the drawing was completed, we provided the client with a variety of file formats, including PDF, JPEG and DWG. This ensures that the broker has the flexibility to use drawings in different sales channels and materials as needed.

The result, the new house floor plan:

The achieved result is a high-quality, clean floor plan drawing that conveys all the necessary information about the building, but at the same time is visually attractive and easy to understand. Our approach to simplifying the floor plan drawing, focusing only on the essentials, has made it an ideal tool for marketing real estate.

house floor plan for marketing purposes
house floor plan for marketing purposes

The success of this project confirms Ruut24's commitment to provide its customers with the highest quality floor plan drawing services. Our goal is not only to create technically accurate floor plan drawings, but also to make them understandable and pleasing to potential buyers, thereby contributing to the quick sale of the property and increasing its value on the market.


Digitization of drawings and floor plans

Ruut24 deals with the digitization of floor plan drawings and projects - we draw the projects according to the existing drawings and descriptions of the client. Check out the services on our website :

Digitization of the project
Digitization of the project

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