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Apartment project

Apartment project and drawings

Working in real estate and interior design, we often come across interesting projects and challenges. One such recent project was particularly memorable as it gave me the opportunity to apply my technical skills to bring a client's vision to life. The client approached Ruut24 with a unique request: he wanted to digitize and improve the floor plan of his apartment based on an existing hand-drawn sketch. This sketch included everything from the dimensions and names of the rooms to the kitchen furniture and bathroom fixtures.

The first step was a careful review of the client's sketch. Every detail was important so that the end result exactly met the client's expectations. After analyzing the dimensions and layout, we set to work creating a new floor plan using modern CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software that allows for great accuracy and flexibility in the design process.

Apartment project
Apartment project

New apartment project - digital accurate drawing

Using AutoCAD software, the new floor plan created was not only visually attractive, but also technically accurate. It reflected all the dimensions and special requests provided by the client, including the distribution of the rooms, the placement of the furniture and even smaller details such as the locations of the sanitary ware in the bathroom. Thanks to digital tools, it was possible to make quick changes and improvements, ensuring that all the customer's wishes were met.

The final product is two files: one in PDF format, ideal for quick viewing and printing, and the other in AutoCAD dwg format, which allows further editing and customization by professionals. These files were delivered to the client who was very pleased with the end result.

new apartment project
new apartment project

This apartment project once again proved how important it is to listen to the client and understand his needs. Technology allows us not only to bring the client's dreams from paper to the digital world, but also to give them a new dimension and life. The whole process, from analyzing the hand sketch to creating and delivering the final plans, was very rewarding. This apartment project once again emphasized the importance of paying attention to details and responding to the client's wishes in order to achieve the best possible result.


Why choose Ruut24 as your digitization partner? We digitize all drawings, be it a house or apartment project

Ruut24 is synonymous with innovation and high quality, bringing your expensive designs to the digital level. Our latest projects, such as this successful example, clearly demonstrate our skills and commitment. We don't just digitize drawings; we bring them back to life, making them more intuitive and visually appealing. Our expert team ensures that every little detail is in focus, offering you more than just a service - we offer a solution that exceeds your expectations.

apartment project and digitalization of drawings
apartment project and digitalization of drawings

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