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New modern house floor plan AutoCAD drawings based on old paper drawings

The digital age has brought about massive changes in all fields, including real estate. One of the key changes has been the ability to convert old paper drawings into modern and accurate digital plans. Ruut24 is a top-level service provider in this field, helping clients bring their real estate plans into the 21st century. We recently had a great opportunity to help a client who owned a building built in 1966 and convert their old paper drawings into modern AutoCAD drawings.

Project and customer needs

The client turned to us with old paper drawings, on the basis of which it was necessary to create accurate and detailed AutoCAD drawings. The work included sections, floor plans, basement and attic floor drawings. In addition, it was necessary to create a completely new exterior view of the building, which was not in the original drawings.

house floor plan AutoCAD drawings
house floor plan AutoCAD drawings

Accurate work process and innovative solutions

We started the project by digitizing the old paper drawings sent by the client. Using modern AutoCAD software, we redrew all the necessary plans. Creating the exterior view of the new building turned out to be especially challenging. With the help of the photos sent by the client and the existing dimensions, we were able to accurately reconstruct the view from the front of the building that met the client's expectations and needs.

In addition to the usual drawings, we also added an important innovation to the plans - marking the location of the air source heat pump. This important detail, which had been added to the building in the meantime, had to be reflected both in the new plans and in the exterior view. The accuracy and detail of our work ensured that all significant changes were correctly documented.

View of the house and section of the house
View of the house and section of the house

A satisfied customer and a successful project

We delivered the final drawings to the client in both AutoCAD DWG and PDF format. Customer feedback was very positive. They were more than satisfied with the result, especially since the new exterior of the building was created only from photographs and existing drawings. The indication of the location of the air source heat pump that we added was also highly appreciated.


For Ruut24, every project is special and important. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions, regardless of their needs or the condition of existing drawings. Our goal is to provide accurate and reliable digitization services that help buildings get new life in the digital age.

If you have old paper drawings that need to be digitized or improved, please contact us. Ruut24 helps you take your real estate plans to a new level!

View of the house and section of the house
View of the house and section of the house


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