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PDF floor plan converted to detailed AutoCAD drawing

PDF floor plan converted to detailed AutoCAD drawing

Ruut24 OÜ specializes in digitizing real estate plans, creating accurate and detailed floor plans based on sketches, old drawings or PDF files. We were recently tasked with converting a PDF floor plan to a detailed AutoCAD drawing, and we'd like to share the process with you.

PDF floor plan, resulting in a new AutoCAD drawing
PDF floor plan, resulting in a new AutoCAD drawing

The challenge in digitization - the dimensions of the walls were missing

Our source material was a simple PDF file containing only the areas of the rooms (picture on the left). The PDF file lacked specific wall lengths and other important dimensions, making it more difficult to create an accurate floor plan. Despite these limitations, our goal was to create an accurate and detailed floor plan that would meet all of the client's needs.

Our approach

  1. Preliminary analysis : By going through the PDF file to understand the layout and areas of the rooms.

  2. AutoCAD Drafting : We continued to work in AutoCAD, meticulously hand drawing every element of the floor plan. This included:

  • Walls and partitions : We drew the walls with exact thicknesses and dimensions.

  • Layout of the rooms : We placed the rooms according to the specified areas, ensuring the functionality and coherence of the overall layout.

  • Doors and windows : We added doors, windows and other architectural elements.

  • Furniture and furnishings : We included fixtures and fittings to give the space a sense of scale and usability.

  1. Validation : Once the initial design was complete, we validated the plan against the original PDF to ensure accuracy.

  2. Client Review : We shared the design with the client for feedback. In the case of this example, everything was done very precisely the first time and no changes were needed.

The result - a new AutoCAD drawing with dimensions

The end result (right image) is a detailed AutoCAD floor plan that accurately represents the layout specified in the original PDF file. The new plan includes exact dimensions, detailed room layouts and all the necessary architectural features. This change demonstrates our ability to work with minimal initial information and still deliver high quality, detailed plans.


Why choose Ruut24 OÜ?

  • Digitization Expertise : Our team is adept at digitizing various types of drawings, including floor plans, schematics, elevations, and sections.

  • Attention to detail : We ensure that every aspect of the plan is accurately represented.

  • Customer-centric approach : We work closely with customers to ensure that their requirements are fully met.

If you have floor plans, sketches or old drawings that need to be digitized, Ruut24 OÜ is here to help. Contact us today to turn your property plans into accurate and detailed digital drawings.

PDF floor plan
PDF floor plan


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