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Based on the client's sketch, we made a floor plan of the apartment

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

The client was selling his apartment and wanted to get the plan of the apartment for the sale advertisement. For this, he made a simple sketch on paper and added dimensions and a description of what is in the apartment. In this case, the link to the apartment's sale announcement (where there was no plan yet) was also forwarded, and with this it was possible to see exactly what details and furnishings are in the apartment, and it was very helpful in making the floor plan.

Sketch of the floor plan of the apartment provided to us

The client sent an email inquiry with a description and a scanned sketch of the apartment floor plan. We asked a few clarifying questions and got a link to a helpful sales advertisement to see the furnishings in the apartment.

sketch of the apartment floor plan
sketch of the apartment floor plan

As a result, the floor plan drawing of the apartment

In this case, the floor plan drawing was completed by Ruut24 in just 2 days, and the client got a beautiful apartment plan to post in the sales ad. The apartment plan gives a good overview of the entire property for sale in the form of a single visual, without having to create a visual plan in your head.

drawing of the apartment floor plan
drawing of the apartment floor plan


Expert in apartment layouts and floor plans

Ruut24 is an expert in apartment floor plans - we draw apartment or other real estate plans according to the customer's sketch. Our main customers are owners or sellers of rental real estate, who are private individuals or brokers. We help them perform their work more efficiently.

Apartment floor plan expert
Apartment floor plan expert


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