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Drawing a new and correct floor plan in a rebuilt apartment

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Sometimes it happens that the apartment has been renovated, and only later do you think about how to get the right layout with both the old walls and the new walls. Ruut24 was contacted by a customer who needed help with this.

Dimensions and floor plan layout provided by the customer

The client sent a request by email, where he added as much information as possible. Since there were many dimensions, they had to be written down on several pages. In addition, the previous old floor plan that was on paper was helpful. We were also given pictures of the real situation taken with the phone to better understand what is in the rooms.

The result is an up-to-date floor plan drawing

This time the floor planning was more complicated than expected, because the rooms were at an angle and there were many hand-marked dimensions. It was also important that the plan be established with millimeter accuracy. The initial floor plan drawing made by Ruut24 needed some changes, which can still happen when making plans based on hand-made sketches. However, we make only as many changes as necessary, because every customer's satisfaction is our priority. The customer sent his comments and additional dimensions and we implemented the changes. We also added to the drawing the location of the former wall before demolition. Client was very satisfied with final floor plan drawing.

Floor plan drawing
Floor plan drawing


Property floor plan drawing expert

Ruut24 is an expert in real estate floor planning - we draw floor plans according to the client's sketch. Check out the services on our website:

Floor plan drawing expert
Floor plan drawing expert


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