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Manufacturing floor plan drawings

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

We were contacted by the board of a manufacturing company, which wanted to receive construction floor plans of all buildings in the entire production area from the factory. As initial information, there were partial floor plans of various buildings that had been in use throughout the ages and comprehensive technological drawings of the equipment, but they were all in different files and some floor plans did not correspond to reality. There were also old buildings in the area for which there were no floor plan drawings at all. So we went to the site and made a thorough measurement of the interior furniture, buildings and area, also measuring the information already available in the current drawings - as a result, the actual floor plan of the factory.

Measuring floor plan of the production building
Measuring floor plan of the production building

Ruut24's biggest order so far – floor plan of the manufacturing company

In the whole area, there was a total of more than 5600m2 of buildings, which needed to be measured and mapped. We did all this taking furnishings into account. Since some of the production buildings had very large and complete production equipment, it was reasonable to mark them on the drawing rather as icons and adding the name of the equipment. The goal was to get the entire area on one correct floor plan, so that the room sizes, names, locations, wall dimensions and equipment names can be seen.

As a result, the client received a large number of floor plans versions of production buildings in PDF format, including with dimensions, without dimensions, with equipment, without equipment, buildings separately and the entire area together. A total of almost 30 different drawings in PDF format. It was also planned to carry out renovation works in some rooms, and the floor plans of some rooms were needed precisely for the purpose of calculating price offers and material quantities.

Floor plan of the production building
Floor plan of the production building

Factory floor plan drawings made with AutoCAD

In addition to this, we also transfer the entire production building floor plan drawing to an AutoCAD DWG file, with all information in separate layers (furniture, equipment, dimensions, etc.). In the future, the customer can add new buildings to the same basic floor plan, plan reconstruction works or carry out renovation works. Now the client has a proper overview floor plan of the production building, which helps in making further decisions.


Expert in real estate floor plans: digitalization of drawings

Ruut24 is an expert in real estate floor plans - we draw the floor plans according to the client's sketch, and if necessary, we also take measurements on site. Our main customers are real estate owners or brokers, but also construction companies or manufacturing companies who need their floor plans digitalized or just updated.

digitalization of floor plan drawings
digitalization of floor plan drawings


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